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Feedback on Title IX at 50

Once again, you have created a stellar issue in “Title IX at 50” [March 2022].

As our nation still struggles with the place of women in all of society, but especially in male-dominated “arenas,” it is crucial that everyone read about the barriers to women.

It is also somewhat heartening to learn of these women warriors while watching the demeaning treatment of a potential first Black female Supreme Court justice. I say somewhat simply because we have barely run the first mile in a marathon.

I am proud of my alma mater and equally so of your ability to reflect the good, the bad, and our constant effort carve an ethical path.

Mary Kemen (B.S. ’78, B.S. ’79, M.D.’84) Chanhassen, Minnesota

I never got my copy of Minnesota Alumni in the mail because of being in Arizona and our mail getting all screwed up, but I picked up one up at McNamara the other night and just read it!

What a fabulous issue! The stories were so good and dug so deep! It was really inspiring.

I hope I can pick up a few more copies when I get back. I would like to give them to a few friends and also to my granddaughters.

Congrats! It is a real contribution to continued progress. Unfortunately, there is still work to do.

Peggy Lucas (B.A. ’64, M.S.W. ’78) Minneapolis

U of M Regent Emeritus

Thank you very much for excellent editions of Minnesota Alumni. I learn a lot and enjoy good writing.

Ardes Johnson (B.A. ’57, M.A. ’70) Minneapolis

I just read the Minnesota Alumni articles on Title IX and can’t stop smiling (Linda Roberts, Gretchen Larson, Kathy Eiland!!!)

I’m currently 62 and have a black eye from getting a soccer ball kicked into my face by my own daughter—if only it [had been from one] of my granddaughters! A dream come true to play sports with girls, young and old. Thanks for making me feel young again!

Sue (Mooney) Greimel (B.E.E. ’82, M.S. ’13 and UMN Junior Varsity basketball, ’78) Richfield, Minnesota

More Feedback

[On “Smashing the Stigmas,” March 2022] Great showcase, and the trauma services are needed so badly. Cheers to your success!

Craig Gjerdingen (B.A. ’92, M.S. ’07) 

St. Paul

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