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Feedback on past issues

The article [“Designs for Life,” Spring 2022] is spot on. Juan Andrés Ruhana’s empathy and compassion are his greatest assets and will take him far.

Zaquoya Tinsley, Minneapolis

I want to thank you for publishing the article by Annie Zheng on the English Department finally having a home in Pillsbury. [“A Place for Words,” Winter 2022]. I was delighted to learn that words are getting new respect at the University and that creative writing will be included. I am wondering if there will also be a unit on writing for children? There should be. I say this even though I believe the only way to learn to write is by writing and finding a critique group that encourages and pulls no punches. In my experience, writers learn from other writers who are generous and help each other.

Here at the U of M we are fortunate in having the Kerlan Collection of children’s book manuscripts and illustrations right on campus. The Children’s Research Center at Andersen Library is a treasure that I wish more people were aware of, and now there is a campaign started to fund an endowed chair for the curator at the Kerlan. My relationship with the Kerlan began when I was working on my B.S. degree in the then-College of Education and the Kerlan rooms became my home base. It is still a welcoming place for students, writers, teachers, and children’s books enthusiasts.

Norma Bondeson Gaffron, B.S. ’76, New Brighton, Minnesota

Former board member of Friends of the Kerlan

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