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Editor's Note: Telling Your Stories

Photo Credit: Scott Streble

I had someone ask me recently how we find the stories we publish in each issue of Minnesota Alumni. I thought you, our readers, might also be curious to hear my answer.

As always, the heart and soul of this magazine are the alumni of the University of Minnesota—  who allow us to share the stories that reveal their passions, their pursuits, and the purpose they’ve found in their lives.

Because U of M alumni are involved in nearly every field and vocation, in virtually every location around the world, the stories we cover enjoy tremendous latitude. A common theme to all is that they’re about people using the abilities they honed here in meaningful ways, whether that’s to reframe and respond to societal challenges, or to expand the collective discussion on critical issues, or just by making an impact in their respective communities.

We’re interested in stories about alumni exploring new scientific frontiers, tackling vexing social problems, stoking the economic engines, or simply putting their talents to work in unique ways. Through the alumni of the University, the stories we cover are relevant to us as a state, nation, and even world, because that’s where alumni are making a difference every day.

Over the past months, I’ve had an opportunity to meet a tremendous number of alumni from every walk of life. They’re doctors, lawyers, social workers, writers, scientists, artists, engineers, and more. What unites them is that, to a person, each has struck me as being inquisitive, intelligent, and deeply passionate about their particular path.

Once former students walk out the door of this institution, the relationship they have with the U doesn’t end. Instead they become part of the larger U of M alumni family, using what they’ve learned here to make a difference in their corner of the planet.

As editor of Minnesota Alumni, I hope each issue of this magazine reminds you how truly impactful your fellow alumni are and shows you just a glimpse of how they’re at work in the world, using their skills to our mutual benefit. 

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