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Praise for ‘The Heat Is On’

Thank you for devoting an entire issue to climate concerns. I realize I wear rose-colored (maroon?) glasses regarding all things Gopher, but I always enjoy the alumni magazine. I learn a great deal and appreciate seeing the connections of the U of M in the greater Minnesota community.

This issue was especially timely. Thanks!

Mary Kemen (B.S. ’78, B.S. ’79, M.D. ’84) Cedar Rapids, Iowa

And for ‘Centennial on Ice’

As a longtime avid college hockey fan, I was delighted to read the article “Centennial on Ice” in the Spring 2021 issue of the magazine. My paternal grandfather, William Julius Russell, played on a UMN club hockey team prior to the University’s granting hockey varsity sport status. I especially liked the photo of the crowd taken at Mariucci Arena in the 1960s: All eyes seemed to be focused on the game, unlike today when many spectators’ eyes would be staring at the cellphones in their laps!

Judie Henry (A.A. ’64, GC) Pinehurst, North Carolina

Nice article! [“Centennial on Ice”] I didn’t miss a Gopher game between ’72 and ’84, when I moved East. I loved the picture above the second deck at old Mariucci—it was one the best places in college hockey to watch a game and it was the student section when I was in school. The new rink has no bad seats, but none as good as those balcony chairs. (Those of you old farts like me who are nostalgic for that view should catch a game at Matthews Arena, Northeastern’s home rink. They’ve got a balcony that puts one almost out over the rink, just like in the Gophers’ old barn.)

Gregg Anderson (B.A. ’76) Amherst, Massachusetts

Spotlight on Science

Thank you for running the article “On the Frontlines of Covid-19” in the Spring 2021 issue of Minnesota Alumni. Medical laboratory scientists are often behind the scenes, so recognition of the important role they play is always appreciated.

Toni Okada (B.S. ’68) Mercer Island, Washington

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