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Dear Minnesota, there's something you should know

Greetings, U of M alumni and friends of the University!

I’m honored to be serving as the interim president of the University of Minnesota—a place that means so much not only to alumni, but to all Minnesotans.

I’ve spent a good share of my place that means so much not only to alumni, but to all Minnesotans. I’ve spent a good share of my first few months in office traveling the state and getting to know our University of Minnesota System community (students, faculty, and staff) as well as our greater Minnesota community— including government officials, ag and business leaders, and many of our great alumni. I’ve been heartened by warm receptions and impressed by all the positive stories and memories that people have shared. I’ve learned first and foremost that the U of M is incredibly important to this state, and we need to continue to listen to the voices of Minnesota residents and decision-makers. I take that responsibility to heart.

I'm honored to be serving as the interim president of the U of M - a place that means so much not only to alumni, but to all Minnesotans.
Jeffrey Ettinger

In addition to listening, we’ll be sharing more this fall. We’re reaching out to Minnesotans with a new campaign entitled “Dear Minnesota.” As the name suggests, it’s an expression of affection for our citizens, but also a chance to showcase some of the impressive work of our University community.

Polling has confirmed that Minnesotans place a high value on the University of Minnesota conducting research that improves their lives. We also know that tooting our own horns goes against the grain of being Minnesotan, but I do think we need to brag more. As a University System we have so much to be proud of, and we want to show Minnesotans more of what we do for them.

The campaign will feature faculty and students systemwide sharing their passion for things that Minnesotans care about—and that make our state and nation better, healthier, and more prosperous. You’ll see these stories on television and online beginning in the fall. (You can read these and other “Dear Minnesota” stories and tell us yours at

So, “Dear Minnesota,” we have a lot of amazing things happening here: in Crookston, Duluth, Morris, Rochester, and the Twin Cities, and at research and outreach centers and engagement sites throughout the entire state. We can’t wait to share them with you. 

And on a personal note, I’m grateful to be here helping to guide the University of Minnesota over the coming months. We face plenty of challenges for the new academic year and beyond, but we do so with a collective strength and a spirit of genuine optimism. The future of campus is definitely bright. I thank you for your past and continued support as we continue our important journey.

I also look forward to meeting many of you in the coming months, and to sharing more U of M news and accomplishments over the coming year.

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