The Task At Hand
Norm Ornstien (B.A. ;67) wears the label of policy wonk as a badge of honor as he takes on Washington extremism.

Food Matters
University of Minnesota researchers and alumni are addressing the burning questions about food.

Catalog of Remedies

The U's collection of centuries-old home remedies is a fascinating catalog of long-ago cures for whatever ails you.

About Campus
Selfie scholars, creating eco-friendly golf courses, and curtain call for the Showboat and more.

Summer 2016

Editor's Note

This time of year it’s not unusual to stand in line at campus coffee shops with cap-and-gown-clad students. Commencement exercises for graduates of the various schools and colleges at the U begin in late April and continue through mid-May, which means campus is crowded with friends and families for a couple of weeks or more. It’s a joyful time...

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