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Girl in Pieces

By Kathleen Glasgow (M.F.A. '02)
Random House/Delacorte, 2016

The heartbreaking and vividly told story of a teenage girl whose greatest fear is herself. A story of survival, power, and hope.


Settlement and Subsistence at Tikal: The Assembled Work of Dennis E. Puleston

By Olga Stavrakis-Puleston (Ph.D. '79)
BAR Paris Archaeological Monographs, 2015

This volume is the first full publication of studies conducted in the 1960s in the ancient Maya site of Tikal, Guatemala by the late UMN Prof. Dennis E. Puleston.

Assassin's Heart

By Sarah Ahiers (B.A. '03)
HarperCollins (HarperTeen Imprint), 2016

In the kingdom of Lovero, nine rival Families of assassins lawfully kill people for a price. As a highly skilled member of one of these powerful clans, seventeen-year-old Lea Saldana has always trusted in the strength of her Family.

Lake Minnetonka Eats: Recipes from the Lake Area's Favorite Restaurants
By Tiffany Winter (B.S.B. '06)
Cooks Bay LLC, 2015

Features recipes and the stories/histories from 25 Lake Minnetonka restaurants and bakeries and beer pairings from Excelsior Brewing Company.

Off the Shelf: Citizen Swain

Claude: A Dog of the Sixties

By Katherine L. Holmes (M.A. '85)
Couchgrass Books, 2015

Perry has his own misadventures when the standard poodle Claude comes to his house.

Edgar Heap of Birds

By Bill Anthes, Ph.D. ' 00
Duke University Press, 2015

Analysis of Heap of Bird's art and politics in relation to Native American history, spirituality, and culture, the international art scene, and how his art critiques the subjugation of Native Americans.

The Three Musketeers of the Army Air Forces: From Fortress Europa to Hiroshima and Nagasaki

By Robert Harder (B.A. '66)
Naval Institute Press, 2015

While scores of books have been published about the atomic bombings that helped end World War II, little has been written about the personal lives and relationship of the three men that led the raids.



By June Thiemann (M.A. '98)
Amazon, 2014

“How can there be no room for a family that keeps shrinking? Where can you go to not disappear? Why can more be seen in the shadows than in light?" Find out the answers in this memoir about growing up in a large, baby-boom family, ravaged by mental illness.

Two One-Act Plays: The Lawn Auction & Would You Like to Go Out Shoveling Tonight?

By Katherine L. Holmes (M.A. '85)
CreateSpace, 2015

Both of the one-act plays present a cooperative setting and the dynamics within it. Personal aims and relationships reveal discreet happenings that cause characters to take sides. Rumors and scheming build to intrigue and comic turns.


Lunch with a Bigot: The Writer in the World
by Amitava Kumar,, Ph.D. '93
2015, Duke University Press

To be a writer, Amitava Kumar says, is to be an observer. The twenty-six essays in Lunch with a Bigot are Kumar's observations of the world put into words

Waves of Silence
By Larry Eriksson, MSEE '69
Quarter Section Press, 2015

This ebook presents the unique story of Digisonix, its research partner, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and their pioneering work on active sound and vibration control.

History of Norway
By John Yilek (B.A. '71, J.D. '76)
Wasteland Press, 2015

History of Norway clearly describes Norway's history from the earliest cultures of the Stone Age to the present day.

Written Life
Jim Landwehr (B.A. '85)
eLectio Publishing, 2015

Written Life takes a whimsical swing at poetic conventions as it delves into the intricacies of Midwestern life in the twenty-first century.


Off the Shelf: The Brothers Grimmer
A new collection of dark, original versions of classic fairy tales is released, with excerpts
By Laura Silver

Disasters in Field Research: Preparing for and Coping with Unexpected Events

By Gillian Ice ('02)
Rowman & Littlefield, 2015

This book offers a practical guide to researchers working in international settings, helping them to avoid the various problems that can impede field research, and to minimize their impact when they do arise.


Growing Hybrid Hazelnuts: The New Resilient Crop for a Changing Climate

By Philip Rutter (M.S. '75) and Susan Wiegrefe (B.S. '81)
Chelsea Green Publishing, 2015

This is the first comprehensive guide for farmers interested in how to get started growing hybrid hazelnuts, a crop designed by the authors to address a host of problems with conventional modern agriculture.

The Golden Thread
By Brenda Hartman (M.S.W. '89)
First Steps Publishing, 2014

Based on a true story, The Golden Thread, is a book to help parents guide their grieving children through the death of a loved one and begin the healing process.

The Soil Underfoot: Infinite Possibilities for a Finite Resource

By Edward Landa (Ph.D. '75)
CRC Press, 2014

The largest part of the world’s food comes from its soils, either directly from plants, or via animals fed on pastures and crops. Thus, it is necessary to maintain, and if possible, improve the quality—and hence good health—of soils, while enabling them to support the growing world population.

Missing Jim

By Ann Marie Waterhouse ('72)
Self Published through CreateSpace, 2014

This book was written to honor the life of Jim Harvey, my life partner and husband of 17 years. He was diagnosed in spring of 2008 with Alzheimer's disease and, after five years of caring for him in our home, I placed him in a four-bed assisted living facility in Stoughton, Wisconsin.

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