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Missing Jim

By Ann Marie Waterhouse ('72)
Self Published through CreateSpace, 2014

This book was written to honor the life of Jim Harvey, my life partner and husband of 17 years. He was diagnosed in spring of 2008 with Alzheimer's disease and, after five years of caring for him in our home, I placed him in a four-bed assisted living facility in Stoughton, Wisconsin.

Tink's Tank

By Gary Best ('68)
Oak Tree Press, 2014

This is Best's first novel and his third book about the air war during WW II. Tink's Tank chronicles the adventures of the crew members of a U.S. Eighth Air Force B-17 during WW II.


Wisconsin 5-0: From High Risk Police Calls to Comic Cop Stories

By Hilary Dickinson ('08)
Big Earth Publishing, 2014

Step into the shoes of Oak Creek Officer Sam Lenda as he searched the parking lot for his wounded lieutenant following the massacre at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin.


Get Connected for College: The Savvy Student's Guide to College Prep

By Beverly Gillen ('87)
Createspace, 2014

Are you concerned about rising college costs? Worried that your children won’t get into the college of their choice? Preparing for college admission can be overwhelming, but you’re not alone.


"Will I Be On Television?"

By Jan Amis Jessup ('48)
Tate Publishing and Enterprises, LLC, 2014

My daughter wasn't breathing. You'd think that was the worst that could happen...but no. It was just the start of a dreadful frightening journey.


Tell Me A Story In The Dark

By John Olive ('73)
Familius, Inc, 2015

How to create and tell magical bedtime stories for young children.


Americans in the Treasure House: Travel to Porfirian Mexico and the Cultural Politics of Empire

By Jason Ruiz (B.A. '00, Ph.D. '08)
University of Texas Press, 2014

Through extensive engagement with archival sources, this book traces the history of travel to Mexico during the Porfiriato and the Revolution, exploring how travelers’ representations created an image of Mexico as a country requiring foreign intervention to reach its full potential.


Counterfeit Justice: The Judicial Odyssey of Texas Freedwoman Azeline Hearne

By Dale Baum (Ph.D. '78)
Louisiana State University Press, 2009

For many of the forty years of her life as a slave, Azeline Hearne cohabitated with her wealthy, unmarried master, Samuel R. Hearne. She bore him four children, only one of whom survived past early childhood.

As Darker Grow the Shadows, A Novel of the French Resistance

By Maryjane Roe ('67)
CreateSpace (Amazon), 2014

August 1939. As France braces for war, fifteen-year-old Diamanté Loupré takes his first steps toward freedom—far away from his hated stepfather and the Corsican village that once seemed like home.

Refuge in Crestone: A Sanctuary for Interreligious Dialogue

By Thomas Raverty (B.A. '72, M.A. '79, Ph.D. '90)
Lexington Books, 2014

This book elucidates how the praxis of interreligious dialogue, as outlined in key Vatican documents in the Catholic Church, could be better served by attending to the qualitative ethnographic methods of sociocultural anthropology.


Dirty Shirt: A Boundary Waters Memoir

By JimLandwehr (B.A. '85)
eLectio Publishing, 2014

Jim Landwehr and his brothers pursue their love of the outdoors by tackling some of the country's most remote terrain, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.



Books: Winter Reading
Alumni authors serve up a warm feast for the cold months ahead.
By Laura Silver

Picture a Poem: Ekphrastic and Other Poems

By Caroline Giles Banks (Ph.D. '90)
Wellington-Giles Press, 2014

Picture a Poem: Ekphrastic and Other Poems features poems written in response to paintings, sculptures and photographs, many of which are in museums in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Josiah's Apple Orchard

By Katherine L. Holmes (M.A. '85)
Couchgrass Books, 2014

Besides music, Vivvy loves green apples. She and her brother Matt go on morning apple raids until, one fall, their father drives them to a pick-your-own orchard.


The Wild Cat Book: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Cats
By Mel Sunquist (B.S. '65, M.S. '70, Ph.D. '79)
The University of Chicago Press, 2014

From the ancient Egyptian cat goddess, Bastet, to the prophet Muhammad’s favorite cat, Muezza, and our contemporary obsession with online cat videos, felines have long held a place of honor in their human counterparts’ homes and cultures.

Remembering the Modoc War
By Boyd Cothran, MA '08, PhD '12
UNC Press, 2014

The hanging of four Modoc headmen in 1873 ended the Modoc War of 1872-73, but began a new struggle over the memory of the war.

The Birth of American Law: An Italian Philosopher and the American Revolution
By John Bessler, '88
Carolina Academy Press, 2014
The Birth of American Law tells the forgotten, untold story of the origins of U.S. law.

Bad Lies: A Novel
By Thomas B. Jones, '64
North Star Press, 2014

An African American golfer and a washed-up St. Paul Saints’ pitcher struggle to find a common ground of trust as they mount a challenge to segregation in professional golf.

Seasons of Change: Labor, Treaty Rights, and Ojibwe Nationhood
By Chantal Norrgard, '08
University of North Carolina Press, 2014

Norrgard explores the critical link between Ojibwes' efforts to maintain their tribal sovereignty and their labor traditions and practices from the 1870s to the 1930s.

Abroad - Cuernavaca, Mexico: A Novela of Adventure
By Merideth Cleary, 00
Create Space - Amazon, Kindle Edition, 2013 
Join in the adventure, escape and fun in going 
Abroad - Cuernavaca, Mexico!


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