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How to Create Your Own Gig Posters, Band T-Shirts, Album Covers, & Stickers: Screenprinting, Photocopy Art, Mixed-Media
By Ruthann Godollei ('84)
Voyageur Press, 2013

Author Ruthann Godollei explains, with step-by-step instructions and photos, DIY techniques such as screenprinting, photocopy art, mixed-media collage, stencil, stamping, and other guerilla art styles.

The Chalk Line Killer
By Russel Warnberg, '67
Fountain Blue Publishing, 2014

Maine Detective Cole Sullivan nearly meets his match in this crime drama, a sequel to Edge of Redemption.

Hunger and Hope
By George Norton (MS 1975, PhD 1979)
Waveland Press, 2014
Hunger and Hope provides honest, sometimes humorous, but ultimately serious stories of rural poverty and efforts to pursue prosperity.

Framing Chief Leschi: Narratives and the Politics of Historical Justice
By Lisa Blee ('08)
The University of North Carolina Press, 2014]

In 1855 in the South Puget Sound, war broke out between Washington settlers and Nisqually Indians. A party of militiamen traveling through Nisqually country was ambushed, and two men were shot from behind and fatally wounded.

Paris Thibideaux & the World of Lost Things
By Kathryn Thurber ('03)
Amazon/KindleDirect Publication, 2013
Paris Thibideaux believed in a World of Lost Things. He was convinced of the existence of this World because pieces of it kept turning up in his yard, in the alley, and in the great green basin of Powderhorn Park—busted bicycles, toys, and appliances

Flute Lore, Flute Tales: Artifacts, History, and Stories About the Flute
By Katherine Holmes ('85)
Couchgrass Books, 2014

Explore the flute’s four types as they have appeared on most continents since prehistoric times. This book follows the discovery of artifacts and the historical impact of the instrument.

The Last Scroll
By James Fricton (Faculty)
iUniverse, 2013

Dr. James Fricton set out to write a book about the factors that tip the balance between health and illness and what actions can be taken to enhance energy and wellness in the seven realms of our lives–the mind, body, spirit, lifestyle, emotions, society, and environment.

Geographies of Liberation: The Making of an Afro-Arab Political Imaginary
By Alex Lubin
The University of North Carolina Press, 2014

In this transnational history, Alex Lubin reveals the vital connections between African American political thought and the people and nations of the Middle East.

Wingbeats and Heartbeats: Essays on Game Birds, Gun Dogs, and Days Afield
By Dave Books (B.S. '65)
University of Wisconsin Press, 2014

Wingbeats and Heartbeats is a wingshooter's odyssey to the wild places where, at the end of the day, the companionship of faithful gun dogs and good friends matters more than a bulging game bag.

Accidental Intolerance: How We Stigmatize ADHD and How We Can Stop
By Susan Hawthorne ('08)
Oxford University Press, 2014


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