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Patient Pets
About 100 dogs and cats visit the University of Minnesota’s Small Animal Hospital every day, where they receive state-of-the-art veterinary medical care.
Photographs by Sher Stoneman
Text by Meleah Maynard

Serving Those Who Serve
Alumnus Mathew Meyer helps war veterans transition back to civilian life—and a bleak employment picture.
By Laura Weber

The Country Doctor
Dr. Therese Zink uses writing and storytelling to engage the next generation of rural family physicians.
by J. Trout Lowen

Before Bilbao
Celebrated architect Frank Gehry returned to the University to complete the Weisman Art Museum.
By Matt Tyrnauer

Figuring Out Flavor
University of Minnesota food scientists are using “flavoromics” to solve taste challenges.
By Greg Breining

Pigeon Patriot
Famed behavioral psychologist B.F. Skinner's plan to defeat Nazi Germany in World War II was so unusual it just might have worked.
By Tim Brady

Is the Death Penalty Unconstitutional?
Law professor and University alumnus John Bessler argues for abolishing the death penalty.
By J. Trout Lowen

Eric Kaler: Happy to Be Back
Alumnus Eric Kaler (Ph.D. ’82), named 16th president of the University of Minnesota, expects to remove barriers for qualified students to attend the U and for every college, school, and program to be among the best.
By Shelly Fling

History: King's Speech
One hundred years after the event that ignited the U.S. Civil War, rising civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. came to campus to address the quest for racial justice in America. 
By Tim Brady

Because of Bob
As Bob Bruininks prepares to step down as the 15th president of the University of Minnesota, he reflects on his nine years in Morrill Hall and expresses his frustration with the lack of vision and leadership at the Minnesota state capitol.
By Jay Weiner

Retiring Minds Want to Know
Small grants help University of Minnesota retirees fuel their passion for discovery.
By Meleah Maynard

A Doctor and a Gentleman
Pediatrician Paul Quie is a healer, peacemaker, mentor, and diplomat—and the University’s least-known icon.
By Jay Weiner

The Poop on Superbugs
University of Minnesota environmental engineer Tim LaPara believes wastewater treatment facilities may have become breeding grounds for antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
By Greg Breining

Bridge Builder
Under the direction of Laurie McGinnis, the U’s Center for Transportation Studies aims to become a resource for the world.
By Kevin Featherly

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Archived Features

Combating the “Shifty Little Enemies"
If it weren’t for the work of University of Minnesota plant pathologist E.C. Stakman, who strove to eradicate wheat rust from the nation’s breadbasket, millions of people around the world might not have lived to benefit from the genius of alumnus Norman Borlaug.
By Tim Brady

Research to Revenue
The point of making scientific discoveries is getting new ideas to those who will benefit most: the public. The U’s Office for Technology Commercialization—through licensing and launching start-up companies—helps U innovations get to market.
By Jay Weiner

The Accidental Memoirist
Alumna Michele Norris set out to record other families’ racial experiences but found her most poignant stories disconcertingly close to home.
By William Swanson

State of the Unions
Q&A with labor historian Barb Kucera
By Kevin Featherly

History: Stepping Out of Line
After World War I the battle lines over military drill were drawn.
By Tim Brady

Who’s Minding the Animals?
Crisis in rural veterinary care
By Greg Breining
Photographs by Sher Stoneman

Back from Autism
Many autistic children overcome their symptoms after undergoing a form of behavioral therapy taught to U of M psychology students. Joe Mohs, diagnosed with autism 23 years ago, says he is living proof that the therapy works.
By Meleah Maynard

The Fungus Detective
Robert Blanchette goes to extremes to solve microscopic mysteries and help preserve historic treasures.
By Emily Stone

Imagine That
Imagine That
Supporting research in literature and languages, art and architecture, music, ethnic studies, and more is a University of Minnesota priority. Extra: Links to videos, artist sites and more.
By Meleah Maynard

The Birth of Earth Day
The Birth of Earth Day

Concerns about the environment, pollution, and the future of the planet gripped campus 40 years ago.
By Tim Brady

Segregated . . . Again
University professor of law Myron Orfield argues that integrating schools and neighborhoods is not only a moral imperative, but key to regional vitality. Extra: Video interview with Myron Orfield.
By Kate Tyler

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