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Minnesota Magazine Letters Policy

By submitting a letter you are agreeing to the following letters policy.

Minnesota, the magazine of the University of Minnesota Alumni Association, encourages the exchange of ideas and opinions in the form of letters to the editor. Readers submitting letters for possible publication must follow these guidelines:

Letters must pertain to articles published in Minnesota magazine or relate to University of Minnesota news or issues. Letters should be fewer than 300 words and will be edited for length, clarity, and style.

Letter-writers should include:

  • full name
  • graduation year and degree, if relevant
  • address and telephone number (for verification only)
  • e-mail address, if available (for contact use only)

A letter will not be considered if it:

  • is deemed by the editor to be potentially libelous or to malign a particular person or group
  • is not in response to the magazine’s coverage or University matters
  • promotes a product or service, endorses a political candidate, or proselytizes
  • was published in another publication
  • is incoherent or poorly articulated
  • is anonymous

The number of letters published on one subject may be limited. Priority will be given to timely letters that directly relate to the content of the magazine. Publication of letters from one letter-writer may be limited in frequency.

An editor’s note may follow a letter to correct inaccurate information or misperceptions contained in the letter or to explain a University policy but will not be used to contradict an opinion.

Letters reflect the opinion of the author only and do not represent the views of the University or the alumni association.

If you wish to submit a letter in print:

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