Individuals are listed only with the degree(s) they earned from the University of Minnesota.

Elmer L Andersen, B.A. '31, Ph.D. '83, former Minnesota governor (deceased 2004) See Profile

Wendell Anderson, B.A. '54, J.D. '60, former Minnesota governor and senator See Profile

Janet Benshoof, B.A. '69, former president of the Center for Reproductive Law and Policy See Profile

James Blanchard, J.D. '68, former governor of Michigan See Profile

Kathleen Blatz, M.S.W. '78, J.D. '84, chief justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court See Profile

Mohamed Benaissa, B.A. '64, former Moroccan ambassador to the U.S.; now Moroccan foreign minister See Profile

Robert Bergland, B.S. '79, former U.S. secretary of agriculture and U.S. congressman See Profile

Kathryn Clark-Bourne, former foreign diplomat, serving Guinea, India, Iran, Netherlands, Nigeria, and Cameroon for 25 years See Article

Mary Jeanne Coyne, B.S. '55, J.D. '57, former Minnesota Supreme Court justice See Article

Warren Burger, attended '26-'27 and '31-'33, former chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (deceased 1995) See Profile

Jeffrey Davidow, M.A. '67, former U.S. ambassador to Mexico, Zambia, and Venezuela; current president of the Institute of the Americas See Profile

David Durenberger, J.D. '79, former U.S. senator See Profile

Donald Fraser, B.A. '44, J.D. '48, former Minneapolis mayor and U.S. congressman See Profile

Orville Freeman, B.S. '40, J.D. '46, former Minnesota governor and agriculture commissioner in President Kennedy's administration (deceased 2003) See Profile

Sandra Gardebring, J.D. '73, former Minnesota Supreme Court justice See Profile

Joan Growe, attended in '64 and '66, former Minnesota secretary of state See Profile

Walter Heller, B.A. '64, president of the Council of Economic Advisors in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations; former professor of economics at the U of M (deceased 1987) See Profile

James Day Hodgson, B.A. '38, secretary of labor, 1970-74; ambassador to Japan, 1974-76 See Profile

Hubert H. Humphrey, B.A. '39, former U.S. senator and vice president of the United States (deceased 1978) See Profile

Hubert H. Humphrey III, J.D. '69, former Minnesota state senator; former Minnesota attorney general See Profile

B. Todd Jones, J.D., '83, Former director of the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and U.S. Attorney for the District of Minnesota, currently special counsel for player conduct for the NFL.

Max Kampelman, B.A. '36, Ph.D. '52, former chairman of the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy; former vice-chairman of the Board of Directors of the U.S. Institute of Peace; former U.S. envoy to Madrid; former head of delegation, negotiations on nuclear and space arms; awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, 1999 (deceased 2013) See Profile

Stephen F. Keating, B.A. '42, former chairman and CEO of Honeywell and Toro Corporations in Minneapolis; the first head of the Minneapolis Urban Coalition (deceased 2001) See Profile

Roger Kennedy, J.D. '52, former superintendent of the National Park Service; former director of Smithsonian's National Museum of American History; author of 11 historical books See Profile

John Linder, D.D.S. '67, U.S. representative (R-Georgia) See Profile

Lee Loevinger, B.A. '33, L.L.B. '36, former Minnesota Supreme Court justice, head of anti-trust division of the Department of Justice under President John F. Kennedy (deceased 2004) See Profile

Miles Lord, J.D. '48, former Minnesota attorney general and U.S. District Court justice See Profile

Bill Luther, B.S. '67, J.D. '70, former U.S. representative (D-Minnesota) See Profile

L. Bruce Laingen, M.A. '49, president of the American Academy of Diplomacy; former senior U.S. embassy official; held hostage by Iranian militants See Profile

Eugene McCarthy, M.A. '39, U.S. representative 1949-59, U.S. senator 1959-71, three-time presidential candidate (deceased 2005) See Profile

Mildred McWilliams-Jeffrey, B.A. '32, National Women's Political Caucus founder; awarded Medal of Freedom in 2000 (deceased 1984) See Profile

Walter Mondale, M.A. '51, J.D. '56, former U.S. vice president; former U.S. senator; former ambassador to Japan See Profile

Mee Moua, J.D. '97, first Hmong legislator elected in the United States, serving in the Minnesota Senate from 2002-Present See Profile

Wayne Morse, J.D. '28, former U.S. republican senator from Oregon who switched to the democratic side; known for his filibuster record set in 1953 and as a blunt, iconoclastic populist (deceased 1974) See Profile

Diana Murphy, B.A. '54, J.D. '78, chair of the U.S. Sentencing Commission and judge on the U.S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals See Profile

Arthur Naftalin, B.A. '39, former mayor of Minneapolis; Humphrey Institute professor (deceased 2005) See Profile

Norman Ornstein, B.A. '67, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research; political consultant, TV analyst; newspaper columnist and author See Profile

Alan Page, J.D. '78, Minnesota Supreme Court associate justice; 1988 inductee to Pro Football Hall of Fame See Profile

Ruth Parriott, M.P.H., '92, lobbyist for the American Cancer Society and anti-tobacco issues

Tim Pawlenty,  B.A. '83, J.D. '86, governor of Minnesota, served 10 years in the Minnesota House of Representatives. See Profile

Jim Ramstad, B.A. '67, U.S. representative (R-Minnesota), 1990-present See Profile

Patricia Schroeder, B.A. '61, former U.S. representative from Colorado See Profile

Gene Sperling, B.A., '77, White House economic advisor to President Clinton and director of the National Economic Council See Profile

Wichit Srisa-an, M.A. '63, Ph.D. '67, elected to Thai parliament; former head of the Educational Reform Committee; leading Thai educator and highest-ranking civil servant in Thailand's Ministry of University Affairs

Harold Stassen, B.A. '27, J.D. '29, former Minnesota governor and assistant to President Eisenhower on disarmament (deceased 2001) See Profile

Robert Stein, '60, '61, executive director of the American Bar Association and former dean of the University of Minnesota Law School See Profile

Carl Stokes, J.D. '56, two-term Ohio legislator; first black mayor of Cleveland (1967-71); first black president of National League of Cities; first black news anchor on a major TV station (WNBC-TV in New York City); won an Emmy in 1979 (deceased 1996) See Profile

Y.S. Tsiang, M.S. '40, Ph.D. '42, former secretary general to president of Taiwan; regarded as architect of Taiwanese Economic Miracle (deceased 2008)

Bruce Vento, B.A. '61, former U.S. representative; became a leader in the fight for a cleaner environment and for better and more affordable housing (deceased 2000) See Profile


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