Humphrey School Mentor Program

Mentor Program Goals:
  • To introduce entering public affairs graduate students to career networks in their profession
  • To offer an opportunity for public affairs students to be teamed with an alumnus in a four month mentor program
  • To create a network among students and alumni through these individual relationships, to promote teaching and learning in the working environment, and to help students prepare for a career in public service.
Students Served:
First-year graduate students in the Humphrey School

Mentor Profile:
Alumni of the Humphrey School who are working actively in various sectors of public service (government, nonprofit, private)

Application process:
Mentor: Fills out a form describing professional interests and pledges 14 hours of time to be donated. Matches are then made by an alumni committee.

Student: Fills out an application form in the fall which pledges 14 hours to the program and describes backgrounds and career aspirations in detail.

Time Commitment:
14 hours over six months (January through April)

Approximate number of matches: 53

Lynne Schuman
Director of Career Services and Mentor Program Coordinator

Jane Vega
Career Services Assistant and Mentor Program Coordinator

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