First Person Essays

First Person Essay Guidelines
First Person essays may be written by University of Minnesota alumni, students, or faculty or staff members.

What we want:
Essays on any topic that give captivating accounts of personal experiences; fresh ideas and new perspectives; and rich detail and strong storytelling quality. We encourage essays that show that the writer was changed by the described experience. First Person essays run approximately 1,500 words.

What we don't want:
Opinion pieces; accounts of other people’s experiences; or responses to stories that have run in Minnesota.

How to submit an essay:
Send a draft or a short synopsis of a proposed essay to:

Minnesota Magazine
McNamara Alumni Center
200 Oak St. SE, Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Or e-mail it to:

If the editors are interested in the essay, they will contact the writer and proceed with an assignment or suggestions for a rewrite. Payment, for first North American rights, is upon acceptance of finished essay.

Previously published First Person essays:

First Person
The Best Therapy in the Universe
An essay by Randall Wehler
Illustration by Scott Benson

First Person
"The Road through Adolescence"
An essay by Rich Broderick

First Person
 “Saturdays with Pena”
Essay by Martin Russo

First Person: Right Angles Are Boring
How the Weisman inspired me to think, an essay by Christy DeSmith

First Person: Human Tackling Dummy
"Human Tackling Dummy," by David Butwin

First Person
“In the Shadow of Humphrey,”
Essay by Adam Wahlberg

First Person: A Clean Break
Life was supposed to unfold and be fulfilling according to a neat and trusted plan.
But sometimes plans get a little messy.
Essay by Mary Winstead

First Person - Winter 2011
Marxmen Remembering the Marx Brotherhood
Essay by Erik Lundegaard

First Person: Campus Fugit
Campus Fugit: On not embracing a virtual U
Essay by Jeff Johnson


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