Pigeon Patriot
Famed behavioral psychologist B.F. Skinner's plan to defeat Nazi Germany in World War II was so unusual it just might have worked.
By Tim Brady

History: King's Speech
One hundred years after the event that ignited the U.S. Civil War, rising civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. came to campus to address the quest for racial justice in America. 
By Tim Brady

Room to Ruminate
The University of Minnesota Campus Club has come a long way—but hasn’t strayed from its purpose—since its founding 100 years ago.
By Tim Brady

Combating the “Shifty Little Enemies"
If it weren’t for the work of University of Minnesota plant pathologist E.C. Stakman, who strove to eradicate wheat rust from the nation’s breadbasket, millions of people around the world might not have lived to benefit from the genius of alumnus Norman Borlaug.
By Tim Brady

History: Stepping Out of Line
After World War I the battle lines over military drill were drawn.
By Tim Brady

The Birth of Earth Day
The Birth of Earth Day

Concerns about the environment, pollution, and the future of the planet gripped campus 40 years ago.
By Tim Brady

Students for Hire
Few people know that University of Minnesota President Lotus Coffman made it possible for hundreds of thousands of Americans to afford college during the Great Depression. Here is the story.
By Tim Brady

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