Holidays in Bavaria and Austria

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Enjoy the romance of the Christmas season in Europe’s grand tradition, a festive time when locals are out and about, Christmas markets fill decorated squares, and works of the Great Composers are celebrated. Quaint wooden stalls and fine crafts beckon you to take a closer look and ponder their connection to centuries-old customs. Casting their spell on you, the winter majesty of the Bavarian Alps will inspire hushed appreciation as you journey through a picturesque winter wonderland. In Munich, Innsbruck, Salzburg, and Vienna, the history and culture of these noble cities will surround you as you explore their storied landmarks and enjoy the charms of the season. And, don't miss the traditional holiday treats like Lebkuchen, Sachertorte, and Glühwein—spiced and mulled “glow wine." Your experience wouldn't be complete without sampling the flavors and fragrances of the season that leave such fond and lasting memories.

Day 1: Depart U.S.
Day 2: Arrive in Munich, Germany
Day 3: Munich
Day 4: Munich / Innsbruck, Austria / Salzburg
Day 5: Salzburg
Day 6: Salzburg / Vienna
Day 7: Vienna
Day 8: Depart Vienna

Program Highlights:
  • Let the ancient Munich Christmas Market take your breath away with its enchanting atmosphere, wooden shops, festive decorations, carolers, and hand-tooled wares.
  • Savor the authentic flavors of Bavarian and Austrian cuisine, as well as traditional holiday treats like Lebkuchen and Gluhwein. And be sure to sample the excellent local brews. 
  • Discover Munich's beautiful and historic landmarks, including Marienplatz, the lively town square its Old and the New Town halls, the dowed gothic Frauenkirche, and HofBrauhaus, the celebrated 16th century beer hall. Join the locals and step out to shop, enjoy the decorations and celebrate Christmas!

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