National Board Call to Action

The University of Minnesota Alumni Association National Board of Directors believes the state of Minnesota has a responsibility to maintain its 160-year investment in the University of Minnesota:

  • Because for six generations, the University has delivered on its public mission, generating new knowledge, new ideas, new solutions, new jobs and new talent for Minnesota;
  • Because the U of M is the fifth-largest employer in the state--one out of every 43 jobs in the state of Minnesota is attributable to the U of M;
  • Because the U of M creates $8.6 billion in total economic impact annually;
  • Because every dollar invested in the U of M by the state generates $13.20 in the statewide economy;
  • Because the 14,000 students who graduate every year from the U of M are essential to the state’s human capital and workforce needs; and
  • Because of the more than 10,000 companies founded by U of M alumni, nearly 25% of the founders moved to Minnesota specifically to attend the U of M and stayed.

It takes time to build an institution the caliber of the University of Minnesota. If the choice is made to solve a decade's worth of financial problems by disinvesting in education and innovation, the impact will be felt statewide, the damage permanent, and six generations of greatness will be lost.


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