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Carlson Executive Education

Carlson Executive Education at the Carlson School of Management provides leaders with the essential business knowledge and skills they need to move ahead in their careers and help their organizations thrive and grow.

Alumni Association members now receive a 20% discount on all Carlson Executive Education business programs!  This means hundreds of dollars in savings for you.  Use promotional code UMAA-2015 to receive the discount. View select 2015 programs below or search Carlson Executive Education's program list. 

MBA Essentials
MBA Essentials provides a solid foundation in current business theory and practice.  It is intended for professionals who need a broader understanding of basic business concepts or who want to know what it would be like to get a Carlson School MBA.
April 20-May 20 (Mon & Wed evenings)
Tuition before discount $4,200

Emerging Leaders Program
This three-part program will help you create a personal development plan, more effectively lead others, and refine your behavior to perform at your peak. This is a unique opportunity to both fulfill personal goals and seize organizational opportunities.
Feb. 18-20 & March 20 & 27
Plus five professional coaching sessions
Tuition before discount $7,900
Sept. 30-Oct. 2 & Nov. 12-13
Plus five professional coaching sessions
Tuition before discount $8,500

Enhancing Your Leadership Presence
Learn how to reach your desired level of corporate leadership by understanding and controlling the image you communicate. Some call it "projecting your brand" - an outward persona that lives up to the experience, knowledge, and leadership qualities you’ve worked so hard to build.
Feb. 27 or June 9 
Tuition before discount $1,200

Power & Influence: Strategically Managing Business Relationships
Successful leaders and communicators must not only make the right decisions, they must also influence others to support and execute those decisions. Discover the tools to immediately build a power base, leverage your existing skills, and strategically move others in the right direction.
May 20-21
Tuition before discount $3,200


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