The light within the blob, dial up the dialysis, and progress in ovarian cancer treatment

Neighborliness saves lives, a down-to-earth discovery, and wealth by chance

Smoking causes immediate damage, prolonged parental support pays off, and bacteria holds promise as renewable petroleum.
Discoveries is edited by Cynthia Scott

Discoveries: Spring 2011
Nature's carbon stores filling, more on Vitamin D, Stability vital in tropics, once again: tanning is dangerous, and three more.

Discoveries - Winter 2011
Punching HIV, F for Alcohol, Hearing Test Flaws, and more.

Discoveries - Fall 2010
The latest research breakthroughs.

Discoveries - Summer 2010
Clarity on obesity and stroke, how love makes a difference, and electrifying insights into cells

CO2 reconsidered, new meaning of streaming, casual sex, puberty and butterflies and more.

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