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The Alumni Association is for current University of Minnesota - Twin Cities students, too! Here are ways to engage with the association:

Congratulations to the 2013 Student Award Recipients

2013 Zander Award Recipients

Teri Robin Arruza, College of Liberal Arts    
Eric Sannerud, College of Food Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences

UMAA Award Recipients

Alexis Friesen, College of Biological Sciences    
Yer Her, College of Liberal Arts    
Allan Kerandi, College of Biological Sciences    
Lisa Persinger, College of Liberal Arts    
Jillian Ryks, College of Liberal Arts    
Taylor Trimble, College of Science and Engineering    
Valerie Troutman, College of Science and Engineering    
Janelle White, College of Liberal Arts    

2012 Student Award Recipients
See ceremony photos here!
2012 Zander Award Recipients
Maggie Goshert, CSE
Allan Kerandi, CBS
UMAA Award Recipients
Alec Bronston, Carlson School
Joohee Han, CBS
Missy Reilly, CBS
Siri Simons, CFANS
Kari Eloranta, CLA
Lorna Her Many Horses, CLA
Lee Hersh, CLA
Eric Sannerud, Other

President's Student Leadership Award Recipients

Graduate /Professional Students
Byung-Chul (John) Park, Allied Health Program
Kelly Henry, Carlson School of Management
Liz  Woodwick, Carlson School of Management
Jae Ran Kim, CEHD
Abdul Omari, CEHD
Daniel Woldeab, CEHD
Emily Combs, CFANS
Kelly Nail, CFANS
Shannon Golden, CLA
Joseph Matson, CLA
Claire Stanford, CLA
James Faghmous, CSE
Jill Boldenow, Humphrey School
Kristin Anderson, Medical School
Elizabeth Beckman, Medical School
Stewart Decker, Medical School
Lan Luu, Medical School
Rebecca Wilson, Other

Undergraduate Students
Kayla Hansen, Allied Health Program
Abdulkadir Abdirahman, Carlson School of Management
Alec Bronston, Carlson School of Management
Lizzy Shay, Carlson School of Management
Daniel Bloom, CBS
Joohee Han, CBS
Allan Kerandi, CBS
Hai Nguyen-Tran, CBS
Jennifer Nicklay, CBS
Suresh Pavuluri, CBS
Missy Reilly, CBS
Lynn Wang, CBS
Holly Engle, Design
Ronaldo Guerrero, CEHD
Nicole Limper, CEHD
Stephanie Solfelt, CEHD
Chelsea Breza-Berndt, CFANS
Luke Daninger, CFANS
Luke Nichols, CFANS
Alyssa Shefveland, CFANS
Siri Simons, CFANS
Hannah Dotterman, CLA
Kari Eloranta, CLA
Catherine Fries, CLA
Lorna Her Many Horses, CLA
Lee Hersh, CLA
Echo Martin, CLA
Lolla Mohammed Nur, CLA
Jessica Proskin, CLA
Charles Seymour, CLA
Kendra Tillberry, CLA
Beth Wagner, CLA
Andrew Yarish, CLA
Maggie Goshert, CSE
Muaz Nik Rushdi, CSE
Mike Resman, CSE
Eric Sannerud, Other
Seth Mogler, School of Nursing

2012 President's Student  Leadership Scholarship Reception Photos

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